Firm Overview

Indaba in-‘dä-bə/ [Zulu]: A meeting of minds

Indaba is an opportunistic value investor that employs a mix of fundamental investment strategies.

We invest across the capital structure to create a concentrated, “best ideas” portfolio. We identify investment opportunities by conducting thorough, fundamental and bottom-up due diligence of the securities of companies we believe are experiencing a dislocation in value due to complex, misunderstood events and situations which can be researched and analyzed. While Indaba’s philosophy, organization and investment process are designed to invest in a manner that is nimble and opportunistic, we narrow our focus to core sectors and asset classes. We seek to select from those opportunities a limited number of liquid investments which we believe will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns while emphasizing capital preservation.

The Principals of Indaba have invested a significant portion of their net worth in the funds managed by Indaba. Accordingly, our interests are closely aligned with our investors and our management of each investment and the portfolio reflects such alignment.